The Vanity Project is Up!

That novella I talked about last summer, yeah? This one. Is now a real little e-book, and is upon Amazon and also on Kobo! For the grand sum of two American moneydollars (I didn’t set that price, I have no idea what’s happening). It’s coming out next Tuesday.

I don’t expect to (or even hope to) sell many copies. This is very much not going to be most people’s cup of tea. (Although there is a lot of tea in it.) And yes, I did check it with my agent to make sure that I was allowed to self-publish it!

But I love it, and sometimes people love the things I love, and the great part about this is I know how terrible it is based on Standard Good Story Metrics, so my reply to any criticisms of it (outside of the inevitable typos, etc) can be a blithe “I DON’T CAAAAARE.”

And the cover was super fun to do once I figured out the horrible, terrible parts of it that were preventing it from being fun! I may do a post about that later.

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