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The Butcher of the Forest Cover Reveal

And we are live as of June 1! Gorgeous cover for my upcoming novella from Tordotcom (Feb 2024) by Andrew Davis!

I just love it -- I mean, I so far haven't had a cover I've hated but I love this one. It captures the slightly sinister and unknowable aspects of the forest so well! And I adore the strange little apples. At first you're like 'Oh these aren't so bad' and of course they're not! But in the story...

I would also be remiss to not add a hilarious poster that a friend of mine did when ae saw my comp of 'It's like Escape From LA meets The Faerie Queene' (shout-out to S!)

(The other great thing about this cover, which I can't believe I have to say, is that I know it wasn't made using generative art modeling, i.e. The Plagiarism Machine, and it also does not look like it was made using a machine. It's clearly a wonderfully constructed and composed human-made illustration and I love that there is no ambiguity about it!)

Anyway, because I have to say it: preorders are open now! So I should really get my edits back...

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