Far Fetched Fables – The Adventurer’s Wife

Also known as ‘Man, this story’s got legs!’

This is my first ever story that’s been made into a podcast. I’m super excited to listen to it at lunch! We’ll see how much I get out of it… embarrassingly, I never listen to podcasts or audiobooks because I sort of can’t understand what’s going on. I have perfect hearing, I swear! (Despite years of working at the plant! They tested our hearing there every year and mine was always in the 90+ percentile for my age.) I just can’t…really… get what people are saying unless I can look at their mouths moving, and even then it’s a struggle to do it in real-time (so yeah, you should hear me on the phone, I pause for humiliating amounts of time to figure things out while the other person is like “Are you there? Did you die?”). It’s almost OK in movie theaters because I can often see the actors’ faces, but at home I always have subtitles on, even for things I’ve watched a hundred times. Don’t really know what’s up there. Brain problem? Ear problem? Brain AND ear problem? I mean, at least I’m familiar with this story, so it should be easier. But it does get kind of old when friends recommend podcasts to me and I can’t admit that I never listen to them because I get nothing out of them.

Anyway. Hope people enjoy the recording!

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