A Five-Star Review of ‘Willing’!

So, sometimes it happens that I love a story, and someone else loves it too! A five-star review of my ‘Principia Ponderosa’ story, ‘Willing’ is here at Fantasy Literature, reviewed by the lovely Marion Deeds. (And I love that she mentioned on Twitter that she rarely gives out five stars. I’m so flattered I think I’m gonna die. Or maybe it’s the coffee + the allergy meds…)

The thing is, I can tell from the review, and from chatting on Twitter, that she truly gets what it means to work on a farm, and make those hard decisions, and be that particular combination of… tough/unsentimental and infinitely unselfish/self-sacrificing. I have known farmers and ranchers who have done things that looked like actual insanity in the service of their animals, pets, or kids, and that’s why the story ended up called ‘Willing.’ I hope that I can live up to that ‘writer to watch’ bit with my next couple stories, but I’m just so so so thrilled by this writeup. I hope Those of the Hills and the Green have taken notice. 🙂

(Sidenote: They also appear in my ‘A Breath From the Sky’ anthology, for those who are interested in gods! Just pray that the gods do not become too interested in you…)

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