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2020 Eligibility Post

Welp, looks like it's that time of year again!

Some year, huh.

I wasn't focused on short fiction this year but on novels and novellas, with the result that it's a pretty paltry eligibility post. On the other hand I think it would also be accurate to say that I was focused even more on 'staying alive' and 'not dying of Ye Pestilence' or 'losing my mind,' which are arguably also somewhat important? I don't know. I guess it depends where you think writers fit into the Great Chain Of Being.

Novels for 2020:

'Beneath the Rising,' Solaris Books. Debut, so eligible for all the first novel, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror awards, but that's what happens when you futz around with genres, I guess! A child prodigy and her best friend flee monsters, cops, and the past as they race against time to save the world from an ancient, evil invasion that (cough) probably could have been predicted. Places to buy here! (Reviewers/awards folks, if you want a free copy, let me know and I can connect you to my publicist!)

Eligible for:

New short fiction for 2020:

  • 'Everything As Part Of Its Infinite Place,' Broken Eye Books (Patreon). This got locked up into a patreon so isn't available to read to non-patrons, but the story of a kid drawn into Strange And Apparently Random Events in his little English village after the death of his beloved older brother. Folk horror and weird physics, sickness, guilt, duty, and grief. (5830 words)

Nonfiction for 2020:

Whew, grim little list, eh? I did also have new fiction excerpted for Jo Walton's New Decameron project, but I don't think that's eligible for anything as it's part of a longer work; I also put up a link to a piece of 'fiction' that I wrote for the Exoplanet Demographics event, but that's actually narrative nonfiction.

And onwards we go to 2021!

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