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I’ve always read a lot of Faulkner – our (Catholic) high school library was, for some reason, crammed with it – and I’ve always deeply...

No Shit, There I Was Kickstarter

I have a story in this! I’ve already finagled at least two friends into pledging (me: “If you back this Kickstarter, I’ll buy you a...

Review at Speculating Canada

A thoughtful review of my story ‘The Adventurer’s Wife’ by Derek Stilles at Speculating Canada! This story appeared in the anthology ‘She...

A World, Building

I have some thoughts on worldbuilding and what seems to work and what doesn’t, but perhaps now would be a good time to add a general site...

Author Page

Hello! This is the official author blog for me, Premee Mohamed, human writer and not a giant beetle in any way, shape, or form.

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