Panels, Readings, Signings, Classes, AMAs, Appearances, etc‚Äč

  • Reading on July 8, 2020 for Laura Blackwell's Story Hour -- watch me perform 'More Tomorrow'!

  • Book salons on June 7, 21, and 27, 2020 - Anne Corlett and Kevlin Henney as hosts! (No video, tragically)

  • Reading with Ephemera Series at 7 pm EST, May 20, 2020!

  • Reading with Neon Hemlock on Instagram Live, 8 pm EST May 19, 2020! 

  • Panelist at WiFiSciFi 3! May 16, 2020, 4 pm BST. As below, videos are up at Anne Corlett’s channel.

  • Panelist at Flight of Foundry online con, May 16-17, 2020! At the time of writing, I am doing: Editing & Self-Publishing; Networking for Creatives; Why Audio Fiction?; and a kaffeeklatsch! 

  • Reddit AMA on April 19, here

  • Panelist at WiFiSciFi ‘Pandemic’ edition (April 4, 2020) and ‘Sci-Fi-Crime-Genre-Mashup’ (April 18, 2020) edition! YouTube videos are here at Anne Corlett’s channel

  • ‘Beneath the Rising’ book party at Audreys Books downtown, March 14, 2020 at 2 pm

  • Taught ‘Getting Your Start in Short Spec Fic’ on February 6, 2020, at the Clareview location of EPL! Notes will be up on my Curious Fictions page at some point.

  • Taught ‘Putting the Sci in Sci-Fi’ at the Enterprise Square location of EPL on December 10, 2019. Notes are up on my Curious Fictions page!

  • Capital City Press Featured Writer 2019/2020 – Edmonton, AB.

  • Attended and participated in Worldcon 2019 in Dublin, Ireland – panels included the Escape Artists Live Show, a literary beer, and Lord Dunsany

  • PureSpec 2019 – Edmonton, AB. Panel guest on ‘Apparition Proposition,’ June 2019. Ghosts in fiction and the rules (or lack thereof) around their existence and use!

  • Scintillation 2018 – Montreal, QC. Panel guest on ‘Reclaiming Lovecraft,’ October 2018. Lovecraft’s legacy as a well-known bigot and jerk vs. his legacy as a well-known cosmic horror author: how do contemporary authors reconcile the two when playing in his sandbox?

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