• A LIVE APPEARANCE! I will be with local authors Rhonda Parrish, S.G. Wong, and Marty Chan at Root 107 (that's the little park across from Audrey's downtown that I literally thought was a vacant lot but apparently I have not left the house for a while?) on August 17, 2021, at 5 pm MDT!
  • Back on Story Hour with Laura Blackwell and Daniel Marcus on September 29, 2021 at 7 pm PST!



  • Locus Awards Weekend 2021! With readings and panels, I'm on 'Origin Stories: From First Draft to First Novel Publication' with Maggie Tokuda-Hall (moderating), Andrea Stewart, and Natalie Zina Walschots. Saturday June 26, 10 am PDT!

  • I am teaching Writing Sci-Fi Like A Scientist for Clarion West on May 11, 2021, 4:30 - 6 pm PST! Be there or be square!

  • The wonderful Nino Cipri and I will do a little reading and have a conversation on May 20, 2021 at 6 pm CDT at The Raven bookstore! Sign up here!

  • No video, sadly, but was Guest of Honour (along with Seanan McGuire and Shiv Ramdas!) at the Clarion West Gala on May 8, 2021! We hit our fundraising goal, go team!

  • Live reading for gritLIT (Hamilton!) with co-presenters Amanda Leduc and Alessandra Naccarato, hosted by gritLIT board member Selena Middleton on April 17, 2021, at 1:30 pm MST! 

  • Also on April 17, 2021, a wonderful event with Glasgow2024 (WorldCon) with my fellow Solaris Satellites authors Wayne Santos and Derek Künsken! That's at 7 pm BST, or 12 pm MST. Video is up now!

  • ​And teaching a workshop, Writing Genre Fiction, for gritLit as well! April 18, 2021, 9 am MST!

  • I participated in a Twitch stream with the lovely Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner on April 21, 2021! Permanent video is up now! (Interview only, and the whole shebang!) 

  • I was at Mysterious Galaxy (virtually!) with fellow authors S.B. Divya, C.L. Clark, and Arkady Martine, on April 9, 2021, at 3 pm MDT! Chatting about pandemic books and anything else that comes to mind. Recording is up now!

  • Darcie and Arula and I did a little CBC spot that aired March 26, 2021, before 'Let's Build A Space Habitat' with Alan Neal from CBC! Listen here!

  • A Can*Con panel called 'Let's Build A Space Habitat!' with my lovely agent-sibling Darcie Little Badger, and fellow authors Eric Choi and Arula Ratnakar, moderated by recent Nebula finalist Phoebe Barton! March 27, 2021, at 3 pm EST (1 pm MST). YouTube video here!

  • Panelist at 'How We Get Through,' organized by the (excellently organized) Karen Osborne, March 7, 2021! Thoughts on the second year of the pandemic: getting through or not getting through.

  • Taught 'Writing Sci-Fi Like A Scientist!' for the wonderful Orange County Public Library in February 2021! No recording available, alas. (And virtually, so I was still freezing.)

  • Live (virtual) event at Mysterious Galaxy in LA with my wonderful fellow debut, Rachel Mans McKenny! December 7, 2020, at 7 pm PST. You can watch the replay here! (This event got a shout-out on Buzzfeed!) 

  • I am participating in PhilCon 2020 this year on several panels! (I am not sure if these will be recorded but if so I will stick them up here) Nov 20-22, 2020, all times EST:

    • Friday 8 pm - ​Reading

    • Friday 10 pm - Where the Wild Things Grow

    • Saturday  11:30 am - Putting Science into Science Fiction

    • Saturday 2:30 pm - Cosmic Horror's Recent Growths

    • Saturday 7 pm - Do Different Genres Have Different Editing Needs?

    • Sunday 2:30 - Rule of Cool vs. Actual Science

    • Sunday 4 pm - Dust to Dirt

  • Emerging Caribbean Diaspora Writers in Conversation -- a brilliant panel put together by my friend and fellow author Suzan Palumbo! This is running as part of Can*Con's programming this year. November 14, 2020, at 3 pm EST! The video is up on YouTube here!

  • Pre-Nanowrimo Plotting panel - live panel with the Edmonton chapter of #NaNoWriMo with Kate Boorman and Susie Moloney! This was Saturday, October 17 at 1:30 and I'm not sure if a recording will be made available, sorry.

  • The Subtle Use of Horror Across Genres - live (tho remote) panel at Schuler Books  with Caitlin Starling, W.M. Aker, Nicky Drayden, and Richard Kadrey! September 6, 2020

  • Columbus NASFic 2020, August 21-23, 2020! My panels are (all times EST): 

    • Friday: ​Weekend Science Update (6 pm); COVID-FX: Horror Beyond 2020 (8 pm)

    • Saturday: The Legal Implications of Monster Hunting (3 pm); Reading (8 pm); Worldbuilding: Crime and Punishment (10 pm)

    • Sunday: Predicting the Post-Apocalypse: How Will We Be Saved? (12 pm) 

    • Full schedule is up here!

  • Book salons on June 7, 21, and 27, 2020 - Anne Corlett and Kevlin Henney as hosts! (No video, tragically)

  • Panelist at WiFiSciFi 3! May 16, 2020, 4 pm BST. As below, videos are up at Anne Corlett’s channel.

  • Panelist at Flight of Foundry online con, May 16-17, 2020! At the time of writing, I am doing: Editing & Self-Publishing; Networking for Creatives; Why Audio Fiction?; and a kaffeeklatsch! Update: panel videos are up on their YouTube channel

  • Panelist at WiFiSciFi ‘Pandemic’ edition (April 4, 2020) and ‘Sci-Fi-Crime-Genre-Mashup’ (April 18, 2020) edition! YouTube videos are here at Anne Corlett’s channel

  • ‘Beneath the Rising’ book party at Audreys Books downtown, March 14, 2020 at 2 pm

  • Taught ‘Getting Your Start in Short Spec Fic’ on February 6, 2020, at the Clareview location of EPL! Notes are up on my Curious Fictions page.

  • Taught ‘Putting the Sci in Sci-Fi’ at the Enterprise Square location of EPL on December 10, 2019. Notes are up on my Curious Fictions page!

  • Capital City Press Featured Writer 2019/2020 – Edmonton, AB.

  • Attended and participated in Worldcon 2019 in Dublin, Ireland – panels included the Escape Artists Live Show, a literary beer, and Lord Dunsany

  • PureSpec 2019 – Edmonton, AB. Panel guest on ‘Apparition Proposition,’ June 2019. Ghosts in fiction and the rules (or lack thereof) around their existence and use!

  • Scintillation 2018 – Montreal, QC. Panel guest on ‘Reclaiming Lovecraft,’ October 2018. Lovecraft’s legacy as a well-known bigot and jerk vs. his legacy as a well-known cosmic horror author: how do contemporary authors reconcile the two when playing in his sandbox?


  • Invited back by the lovely Tales of the Trunk to talk about 'And What Can We Offer You Tonight' and do a little reading! Listen here!

  • How do you write the third book in a duology? Same way you write a sequel after a standalone, as it turns out. Listen to the discussion with RJ Theodore and Kaelyn Considine, and find the transcript and details here!

  • What do I do on my days off? Well, uh, with a pandemic going around, not much. But listen to Big Day Off with Rob Boffard anyway!

  • Appeared with Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam and Jane of Shadow Visions Paranormal along with our host Jason Rigden on the Podcast of Mystery!

  • I'm on Shaun Duke's podcast, the Joy Factory Monthly #8! Come listen to us chat about worldbuilding and climate change here!

  • The lovely Gareth invited me back to chat at Intermultiversal Space about the new books! (February 2021)

  • Interview and discussion with local podcast Androids and Assets! (October 31, 2020)

  • The podcast version of that great StoryComic interview in October 2020!

  • Deep questions about 'Beneath the Rising' over at the New Books Network with Gabrielle Mathieu! 

  • An excellent talk with Dan Smith over at Coffee In Space! Publishing, racism, filters, friendships, and work in dialogue with other work (as it always is).

  • Chatting with the wonderful, analytical Rob Wolf on the New Books Network! Science, friendship, dysfunction, anxiety, and writing in general.

  • I get tentacles and they grow out of my back! Lovecraft's ugly legacy, teenage protagonists, what is YA, a reading, and dystopia as the bringer of hope, on the Second Life Book Club! (There's also a recording of our talk. This was really interesting to do!)

  • Cosmic horror, racism, and modern takes on monsters and gods at the Imaginary Worlds Podcast with Eric Molinsky!

  • Books, X-files, pulp, politics, Umberto Eco, and voice on Intermultiversal Space with Gareth Jelley!

  • A delightful discussion of books, sequels, and writing through a pandemic with Jonathan Strahan at The Coode Street Podcast!

  • Best ever podcast with Breaking the Glass Slipper – and some very flexible hosts when we realized we weren’t talking about the same time zones!

  • Terrific interview with Julie Duffy at Story a Day — short stories, writing in general, and running on fumes

  • Podcast with Rose Quinn! Misophonics should be aware though: my side of the interview has a lot of fuzz and noise.

  • Appeared on Tales from the Trunk Episode 9, November 15, being interviewed by the terrific Hilary Bisenieks!

  • Discussion with the Edmonton Public Library for their podcast, Overdue Finds! Episode 43, which is about NaNoWriMo, fictional books, and pen names. I gush about ‘The Name of the Rose’ (of course) and Maria Dahvana Headley’s ‘The Mere Wife.’ I neglect to gush about my books.

  • Interview in Dublin with Beth Gauld of Speculative Spaces (I’m in around the 12-minute mark) plus I participate in a game of Werewolf vs. Shark for subscribers! (I’m not a werewolf or a shark, but we had a very good game!)



  • Launch party with cocktails and special guests for 'And What Can We Offer You Tonight' at Neon Hemlock's Instagram Live!

  • Chat with the excellently gothic Sam Hirst, about horror, science, prodigies, research, and process!

  • Wonderful interview with Karen Woodward for her new talking to writers series! Trunk novels, agenting, litfic and genre fic, Stephen King, how stories get shaped, passion and inspiration!

  • Really fun interview with Barney at StoryComic in October 2020! Listen to me talk about process, the writers whose prose I love, how I began my writing journey, and why I sat on my novels for decades! 

  • Guest on Dive into Worldbuilding, with Juliette Wade

  • Video for Super Relaxed Fantasy Club! Come see my writing setup, hear me read a poem, and take a tiny tour through my disorganized shelves!