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If you would like to book a chat with me as the EPL Writer-in-Residence at the Milner, use the form!




  • I am reading a story for the lovely Laura Blackwell and Daniel Marcus' Story Hour once again! Join us February 7, 2024, 8 pm MT!
  • John Wiswell and I are chatting about our books at a free, virtual event with Mysterious Galaxy! Feb 29, 6 pm PT, be there or be LOST IN THE HORRIBLE WOODS WITH MONSTERS!


  • I am hosting the SFWA writing date on Sunday December 10, ! This is a little co-working space where you should be able to get a couple of hours of work done. :) 2 pm PT or 3 pm MT!

  • I hope I'll see folk at my Reach Your Apex class for Revising Your Novel! (Timing? TIMING.) Nov 7, 5 pm MT. (And then for Nonlinear Fiction! I cannot WAIT for that one, why does TIME have to be LINEAR. That one runs Nov 19, 26, and Dec 3, 2023.)

  • See you at Exploring the Future: A Virtual Sci-Fi Authors Panel - with The Thinking Spot bookstore! Super excited for this one. Thursday Nov 9, 6 pm CT.

  • Honoured to be asked to participate in a panel with the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) Wednesday Nov 8, 6 pm ET - we will be talking about fiction and climate change!

  • Come find me at the Eastham Library (virtually!) November 4, 2023, 2 pm ET! I will be talking about how to write fantasy specifically and there will be two generative exercises! (Free!)

  • I will be a keynote presenter (as well as giving a talk!) at the Alexandra Writers' Centre 'Get Lit' event this year! That's October 28, 2023 in Calgary. It's a one-day micro-con, kinda! Focused on horror!

  • I am a Special Guest at Can*Con this year! Very excited. Not sure what panels I'm on or anything like that, but it's October 13-15, 2023 in Ottawa!

  • Outlining for Reach Your Apex - September 14, 5 pm MT, $30!

  • I will be teaching Environmental Sci-Fi for Reach Your Apex, the workshop team from Apex Publications! This is August 27, 5 pm MT, $30. And several other classes over September and November, so stay tuned here!

  • I am honoured to be a guest at Cat-Con 2023, June 11-12! This will be in Barcelona, and the program is up at their website.

  • I will be teaching for Apex Publications! This is Writing Sci-Fi Like A Scientist -- updated with all new stories and examples. :) June 20, 7 pm ET, $25, unlimited seating! 

  • And I will also be teaching for Neon Hemlock! Modern Cosmic Horror will be part of the Neon Salon on June 24, 10 am ET. You can register for one or two or all of the day's sessions!

  • On June 30, 6 pm PT, I will be interrogating -- oh, I mean, uh, conversing! With my friend the ultra-talented Matt Wallace, discussing his novel SAVAGE CROWNS, the third book in the Savage Rebellion trilogy! This will be a virtual event, you can register at the Mysterious Galaxy site.

  • Live book launch! They do exist! :D May 20, 6 pm MT, at Glass Bookshop! Their new location in Ritchie. Free, seating will be limited though so please register here if you're coming! There will be a little reading, Q&A, and signing session! If no one shows up I will just get drunk and cry about it, so don't worry about attending if it's a pain.

  • I am doing one panel for the Nebulas conference! Caribbean Futurisms will be on May 13, 10 am MT.

  • I will be a guest on Mur Lafferty's wonderful Ditch Diggers podcast on May 8, 2023! I think at 12 pm my time (MT). That will also be available as a podcast later so if you miss out on the live one, no worries! I will say, the stream chat is always hilarious though, so it IS worth it to attend live. :D

  • Returning to the delightful Kitchen Party with Nadia Halim and Jared Pechaček on November 19, 1 pm MT! We will be talking books and cosmic horror and food and whatever else comes to mind! That'll be on the MegaphonicFM Twitch channel.

  • I am participating in AugurCon 2022, which is Nov 26-27, 2022! Really excited for this one. I am on one panel (Stories for the Futures We Need) and leading a fiction workshop on non-linear story structure! 

  • And I am once again teaching a little workshop for OCLS on December 6, 2022! This one will be on worldbuilding in speculative fiction. :) There should be a registration link closer to the date, or search on the library website. Free!

  • A SFWA panel about climate fiction! Climate Fiction: Adaptation to a New Literary Landscape. November 12, 2022, online! 2 pm MT. Along with Aya de Leόn, N.R.M. Roshak, and Octavia Cade, with Brandon Crilly moderating! Register at the SFWA events page!

  • I am participating in the Festival of the Deadlands! Swoon. Doing a little reading with several other amazing authors October 20, 5 pm MDT.

  • I am teaching a fun class for NaNOrlando for their mini-con! (Free but you have to register!) I love that they keep inviting me back. This one will be on defeating writer's block -- just in time for NaNo! October 16, 2 pm MDT.

  • I will be participating in Can*Con 2022 virtually! My schedule is a Solarpunk and Fantasy Cities panel (Saturday Oct 15, 5:30 pm EDT ), a reading Saturday at 7 pm EDT, then a No Plot Just Vibes panel Sunday Oct 16 (1 pm EDT). Be there or be UNMAPLED!

  • I will be at the Edmonton Expo on September 17 and 18th, 2022! A panel on the 17th (Saturday) at 5 pm MDT, and a workshop (I guess class?) on short genre fiction on the 18th at 2 pm MDT. And lurking around with bags full of merch the rest of the time I am sure. See you there!

  • Teaching Genre Short Fiction (my favourite!) for OCLS again on August 28, 2022! 1 pm ET I believe.

  • Panel with SLJ Teen (School Library Journal) on August 4, 2022! Mostly discussing 'The Annual Migration of Clouds.'

  • Office hour with the Nebulas, 3 pm MST, May 21, 2022! And one unexpected panel -- Networking for Introverts, 8:30 pm MST, May 22!

  • I am teaching Genre Short Story Essentials with Lounge Writers on May 28, 2022! This class is not horribly expensive ($35 USD) and has lots of room; I encourage folks to sign up!

  • I will be chatting with fellow Rebellion author Ren Hutchings for the Cymera Festival on June 5, 2022, 9:30 am MST!

  • Live event! Free! I hope! If it is not too plaguey! My book launch for The Void Ascendant at Glass Bookshop/Latitude 53 downtown, 7 pm, May 12, 2022, everybody come and wear a mask!

  • I am doing two panels at WriteFest! May 1, 2022 -- 8 am MST on getting out of the slush pile, and 2 pm on 'bad writing tips' (which I assume is not 'giving people tips on how to write badly').

  • I will be paneling at FOLD (Festival of Literary Diversity) on May 4, 2022, 2 pm EST! This is a panel about climate fiction, with authors Sydney Hegele and Mary-Lou Zeitoun, moderated by Kathryn Mockler. 

  • This was pre-recorded but you won't want to miss this -- the Blue Metropolis Festival out of Montreal has a talk between me and Dr. Thavy Long, an actual parasitologist, about parasites and sci-fi! April 30, 2022. The recording is now up!

  • Doing a little Reddit AMA ​on April 26, 2022 (all day-ish I think?) for the excitement that is The Void Ascendant release! 

  • I am paneling at the Writers Connect Conference put on by Barrelhouse on April 23, 2022, 2:30 pm EST! It's about flash fiction -- very excited for this one as it's definitely a skill I am still honing.

  • Participating in 'What Happens After? A Panel Discussion of Canadian Climate Fiction' with Doreen Vanderstoop and host Waubgeshig Rice (!!) for the Talking Fresh Festival, March 2, 2022, 6 pm MST!

  • And, teaching an online workshop (Writing Sci-Fi Like a Scientist) for Talking Fresh on March 5, 2022, 8:30-10 am MST!

  • 'Why Write Horror' -- a panel in support of our 99 Tiny Terrors anthology with Jennifer Brozek and other guests TBA! February 21, 2022, 6:30 pm MST. This was for Kickstarter backers only!

  • Playing a one-shot for a good cause with Bag of Giving on January 29, 2022! Video is up here!

  • I taught a worldbuilding workshop with Augur Magazine's workshop series on November 14

  • I'm teaching 'Outlining for a Strongly Plotted Novel for OCLS on October 24, 2021 at 11 am MDT! This is part of their 'mini-NaNoWriMo prep con' which is a super fun idea, so sign up for the other sessions too!

  • I'm teaching Putting the Sci in Sci-Fi again for the Edmonton Public Library! Free, virtual, Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 7 pm MDT!

  • I am attending the Aurora Awards on October 16, 2021 -- will I see you there?

  • I'm reading and answering questions at the (virtual) launch party for Alternate Prairies, an anthology of speculative short fiction, on October 21, 2021 at 7 pm! This is at Audreys Books, but... yeah. The Plague. :(

  • Hopeful Apocalypse: Climate Fiction for the Cautious Optimist -- a panel presented by Word On the Street on September 20, 2021!

  • A LIVE APPEARANCE! I will be with local authors Rhonda Parrish, S.G. Wong, and Marty Chan at Root 107 (that's the little park across from Audrey's downtown that I literally thought was a vacant lot but apparently I have not left the house for a while?) on August 17, 2021, at 5 pm MDT!

  • Locus Awards Weekend 2021! With readings and panels, I'm on 'Origin Stories: From First Draft to First Novel Publication' with Maggie Tokuda-Hall (moderating), Andrea Stewart, and Natalie Zina Walschots. Saturday June 26, 10 am PDT!

  • I am teaching Writing Sci-Fi Like A Scientist for Clarion West on May 11, 2021, 4:30 - 6 pm PST! Be there or be square!

  • The wonderful Nino Cipri and I will do a little reading and have a conversation on May 20, 2021 at 6 pm CDT at The Raven bookstore! Sign up here!

  • No video, sadly, but was Guest of Honour (along with Seanan McGuire and Shiv Ramdas!) at the Clarion West Gala on May 8, 2021! We hit our fundraising goal, go team!

  • Live reading for gritLIT (Hamilton!) with co-presenters Amanda Leduc and Alessandra Naccarato, hosted by gritLIT board member Selena Middleton on April 17, 2021, at 1:30 pm MST! 

  • Also on April 17, 2021, a wonderful event with Glasgow2024 (WorldCon) with my fellow Solaris Satellites authors Wayne Santos and Derek Künsken! That's at 7 pm BST, or 12 pm MST. Video is up now!

  • ​And teaching a workshop, Writing Genre Fiction, for gritLit as well! April 18, 2021, 9 am MST!

  • I participated in a Twitch stream with the lovely Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner on April 21, 2021! Permanent video is up now! (Interview only, and the whole shebang!) 

  • I was at Mysterious Galaxy (virtually!) with fellow authors S.B. Divya, C.L. Clark, and Arkady Martine, on April 9, 2021, at 3 pm MDT! Chatting about pandemic books and anything else that comes to mind. Recording is up now!

  • Darcie and Arula and I did a little CBC spot that aired March 26, 2021, before 'Let's Build A Space Habitat' with Alan Neal from CBC! Listen here!

  • A Can*Con panel called 'Let's Build A Space Habitat!' with my lovely agent-sibling Darcie Little Badger, and fellow authors Eric Choi and Arula Ratnakar, moderated by recent Nebula finalist Phoebe Barton! March 27, 2021, at 3 pm EST (1 pm MST). YouTube video here!

  • Panelist at 'How We Get Through,' organized by the (excellently organized) Karen Osborne, March 7, 2021! Thoughts on the second year of the pandemic: getting through or not getting through.

  • Taught 'Writing Sci-Fi Like A Scientist!' for the wonderful Orange County Public Library in February 2021! No recording available, alas. (And virtually, so I was still freezing.)

  • Live (virtual) event at Mysterious Galaxy in LA with my wonderful fellow debut, Rachel Mans McKenny! December 7, 2020, at 7 pm PST. You can watch the replay here! (This event got a shout-out on Buzzfeed!) 

  • I am participating in PhilCon 2020 this year on several panels! (I am not sure if these will be recorded but if so I will stick them up here) Nov 20-22, 2020, all times EST:

    • Friday 8 pm - ​Reading

    • Friday 10 pm - Where the Wild Things Grow

    • Saturday  11:30 am - Putting Science into Science Fiction

    • Saturday 2:30 pm - Cosmic Horror's Recent Growths

    • Saturday 7 pm - Do Different Genres Have Different Editing Needs?

    • Sunday 2:30 - Rule of Cool vs. Actual Science

    • Sunday 4 pm - Dust to Dirt

  • Emerging Caribbean Diaspora Writers in Conversation -- a brilliant panel put together by my friend and fellow author Suzan Palumbo! This is running as part of Can*Con's programming this year. November 14, 2020, at 3 pm EST! The video is up on YouTube here!

  • Pre-Nanowrimo Plotting panel - live panel with the Edmonton chapter of #NaNoWriMo with Kate Boorman and Susie Moloney! This was Saturday, October 17 at 1:30 and I'm not sure if a recording will be made available, sorry.

  • The Subtle Use of Horror Across Genres - live (tho remote) panel at Schuler Books  with Caitlin Starling, W.M. Aker, Nicky Drayden, and Richard Kadrey! September 6, 2020

  • Columbus NASFic 2020, August 21-23, 2020! My panels are (all times EST): 

    • Friday: ​Weekend Science Update (6 pm); COVID-FX: Horror Beyond 2020 (8 pm)

    • Saturday: The Legal Implications of Monster Hunting (3 pm); Reading (8 pm); Worldbuilding: Crime and Punishment (10 pm)

    • Sunday: Predicting the Post-Apocalypse: How Will We Be Saved? (12 pm) 

    • Full schedule is up here!

  • Book salons on June 7, 21, and 27, 2020 - Anne Corlett and Kevlin Henney as hosts! (No video, tragically)

  • Panelist at WiFiSciFi 3! May 16, 2020, 4 pm BST. As below, videos are up at Anne Corlett’s channel.

  • Panelist at Flight of Foundry online con, May 16-17, 2020! At the time of writing, I am doing: Editing & Self-Publishing; Networking for Creatives; Why Audio Fiction?; and a kaffeeklatsch! Update: panel videos are up on their YouTube channel

  • Panelist at WiFiSciFi ‘Pandemic’ edition (April 4, 2020) and ‘Sci-Fi-Crime-Genre-Mashup’ (April 18, 2020) edition! YouTube videos are here at Anne Corlett’s channel

  • ‘Beneath the Rising’ book party at Audreys Books downtown, March 14, 2020 at 2 pm

  • Taught ‘Getting Your Start in Short Spec Fic’ on February 6, 2020, at the Clareview location of EPL! Notes are up on my Curious Fictions page.

  • Taught ‘Putting the Sci in Sci-Fi’ at the Enterprise Square location of EPL on December 10, 2019. Notes are up on my Curious Fictions page!

  • Capital City Press Featured Writer 2019/2020 – Edmonton, AB.

  • Attended and participated in Worldcon 2019 in Dublin, Ireland – panels included the Escape Artists Live Show, a literary beer, and Lord Dunsany

  • PureSpec 2019 – Edmonton, AB. Panel guest on ‘Apparition Proposition,’ June 2019. Ghosts in fiction and the rules (or lack thereof) around their existence and use!

  • Scintillation 2018 – Montreal, QC. Panel guest on ‘Reclaiming Lovecraft,’ October 2018. Lovecraft’s legacy as a well-known bigot and jerk vs. his legacy as a well-known cosmic horror author: how do contemporary authors reconcile the two when playing in his sandbox?


  • So delighted to chat with the illustrious Gary K. Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan about The Butcher of the Forest on Episode 642 of the Coode Street Podcast! I haven't listened to this yet so I don't know if any of our overexcited cackling at the start was recorded (if there's one thing writers need, aside from an inexhaustible supply of notebooks, it's gossip).

  • Once again I am back at the amazing TrunkCast talking The Butcher of the Forest (mostly!) with Hilary and the story-munching (and pronunciation-eating) trunk!

  • Delighted to talk to Andrea at RetroRockets about upcoming books, fairy tales, stories that come from dreams, and much more!

  • Great chat with Gareth Jelley from Interzone Magazine (!!!), talking fairy stories, war stories, trying to not be Tolstoy, weird westerns, and more! 

  • Fantastic talk with Jarrel de Matas over at the Caribbean Science Fiction Network -- discussing No One Will Come Back For Us, and a story that didn't make it in there! (The Arrival of the New World)

  • A delightful conversation with J.R. and Matt about the 'Beneath the Rising' series (or, as we're now calling it, the Void Series) at The Fascinating Podcast -- discussing adventures, horror, antechinus mating habits, and cosmic horror!

  • One of the longest but most fun conversations ever -- on Fire the Canon, mostly discussing the Beneath the Rising series!

  • Another excellent, character-oriented chat with Dan at Coffee in Space Podcast -- discussing 'The Void Ascendant'!

  • Chat with CBC on Sunday Magazine about 'The Annual Migration of Clouds'!

  • Chat with CBC on 'What on Earth' about 'The Annual Migration of Clouds'! Can you have cozy climate fiction? MAYBE

  • Astonishingly, invited to participate in Episode 6 of SFF Addicts by Adrian M. Gibson, featuring fellow authors Sam J. Miller, Matthew Kressel, and Claire North! We discuss climate change and fiction.

  • Invited back by the lovely Tales of the Trunk to talk about 'And What Can We Offer You Tonight' and do a little reading! Listen here!

  • How do you write the third book in a duology? Same way you write a sequel after a standalone, as it turns out. Listen to the discussion with RJ Theodore and Kaelyn Considine, and find the transcript and details here!

  • What do I do on my days off? Well, uh, with a pandemic going around, not much. But listen to Big Day Off with Rob Boffard anyway!

  • Appeared with Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam and Jane of Shadow Visions Paranormal along with our host Jason Rigden on the Podcast of Mystery!

  • I'm on Shaun Duke's podcast, the Joy Factory Monthly #8! Come listen to us chat about worldbuilding and climate change here!

  • The lovely Gareth invited me back to chat at Intermultiversal Space about the new books! (February 2021)

  • Interview and discussion with local podcast Androids and Assets! (October 31, 2020)

  • The podcast version of that great StoryComic interview in October 2020!

  • Deep questions about 'Beneath the Rising' over at the New Books Network with Gabrielle Mathieu! 

  • An excellent talk with Dan Smith over at Coffee In Space! Publishing, racism, filters, friendships, and work in dialogue with other work (as it always is).

  • Chatting with the wonderful, analytical Rob Wolf on the New Books Network! Science, friendship, dysfunction, anxiety, and writing in general.

  • I get tentacles and they grow out of my back! Lovecraft's ugly legacy, teenage protagonists, what is YA, a reading, and dystopia as the bringer of hope, on the Second Life Book Club! (There's also a recording of our talk. This was really interesting to do!)

  • Cosmic horror, racism, and modern takes on monsters and gods at the Imaginary Worlds Podcast with Eric Molinsky!

  • Books, X-files, pulp, politics, Umberto Eco, and voice on Intermultiversal Space with Gareth Jelley!

  • A delightful discussion of books, sequels, and writing through a pandemic with Jonathan Strahan at The Coode Street Podcast!

  • Best ever podcast with Breaking the Glass Slipper – and some very flexible hosts when we realized we weren’t talking about the same time zones!

  • Terrific interview with Julie Duffy at Story a Day — short stories, writing in general, and running on fumes

  • Podcast with Rose Quinn! Misophonics should be aware though: my side of the interview has a lot of fuzz and noise.

  • Appeared on Tales from the Trunk Episode 9, November 15, being interviewed by the terrific Hilary Bisenieks!

  • Discussion with the Edmonton Public Library for their podcast, Overdue Finds! Episode 43, which is about NaNoWriMo, fictional books, and pen names. I gush about ‘The Name of the Rose’ (of course) and Maria Dahvana Headley’s ‘The Mere Wife.’ I neglect to gush about my books.

  • Interview in Dublin with Beth Gauld of Speculative Spaces (I’m in around the 12-minute mark) plus I participate in a game of Werewolf vs. Shark for subscribers! (I’m not a werewolf or a shark, but we had a very good game!)



  • A Zoom interview with Mike Davis and several other brilliant panelists discussing modern cosmic horror, short stories generally, and 'No One Will Come Back For Us' for Lovecraft eZine

  • Returning to the delightful Kitchen Party with Nadia Halim and Jared Pechaček on November 19, 1 pm MT! We will be talking books and cosmic horror and food and whatever else comes to mind! That'll be on the MegaphonicFM Twitch channel. Video is up now!

  • I will be streaming LIVE with Jared Pechacek and Nadia Halim at their Kitchen Party on October 30, 2021, 2 pm MDT! I think I have the time right. Uh, I'm sure we can discuss it beforehand. That'll be on Megaphonic as far as I know!

  • Okay I... have it in my calendar that I'm attending the Second Life Book Club on October 20, 2021 at 1 pm MDT, so uh, if that's accurate, see you there, and not if not!

  • The City of Edmonton's Sandra Sperounes did a little feature about me and 'The Annual Migration of Clouds' for the city's new feature on Transforming Edmonton -- The Writer's Block, chapter 1!

  • I moderated this incredible panel -- The Fruit of a Wicked Garden: A Panel of Contemporary Gothics - Wednesday November 17, 2021, 6:00 pm CST! This is being hosted by Next Chapter Booksellers, register here! Featuring Donyae Coles, Caitlin Starling, and Wendy N. Wagner!

  • Kitchen Party! Talking 'The Annual Migration of Clouds' and also horror in general with Nadia Halim, Jared Pechacek, Jordan Shiveley, and David Demchuk!

  • Launch party with cocktails and special guests for 'And What Can We Offer You Tonight' at Neon Hemlock's Instagram Live!

  • Chat with the excellently gothic Sam Hirst, about horror, science, prodigies, research, and process!

  • Wonderful interview with Karen Woodward for her new talking to writers series! Trunk novels, agenting, litfic and genre fic, Stephen King, how stories get shaped, passion and inspiration!

  • Really fun interview with Barney at StoryComic in October 2020! Listen to me talk about process, the writers whose prose I love, how I began my writing journey, and why I sat on my novels for decades! 

  • Guest on Dive into Worldbuilding, with Juliette Wade

  • Video for Super Relaxed Fantasy Club! Come see my writing setup, hear me read a poem, and take a tiny tour through my disorganized shelves!








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