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This page is being updated because apparently it’s not sufficiently clear that I am in fact A LADY.

I’m the thing with the legs.

To answer further questions that keep coming up: Use my Press Kit page if you're actually looking for a bio! My name is Premee Mohamed. Yes, it’s an unusual first name for any gender in Hindi; it’s actually a noun, sort of like naming your kid Apple. I’m the only Premee ever born in Alberta according to this website. My parents are from South America. “You don’t look South American!” Indeed; we’re of Indian descent, because of the historical British influx of indentured Indians into Guyana. I say ‘Fuck colonialism and empires!’ a fair amount. When asked about my heritage you can say ‘Indo-Caribbean’ or ‘Indo-Guyanese.’


I was born in Canada, I live in Edmonton, I only speak English (plus French when I’m drunk), I have a flat and distinctive central Albertan accent, I don’t have an English degree, I have two science degrees, and I am represented by Michael Curry of DMLA. He’s very smart and nice and has managed to not make the Curry/Indian joke yet, so I just made it for you. 


Blurb Policy

Frankly, part of me is stunned that I have made enough writer friends or become enough of a name (?) (I can’t tell which) that people are contacting me to blurb their books! But, it keeps happening, and now it appears that I need An One (1) Official Policy.

It is: I am delighted to take a look at your book to see if I can blurb it! The request must come from your editor and if I am able to and choose to blurb it, my blurb will go back to your editor. 

“But that means I can’t send you my self-published book!”

It does and I’m sorry, but unless we are very close friends, I am not going to blurb your self-published book. Due to recent experiences, I have to institute a rule that there has to be a body between me, an blurber, and you, an author. 

In particular, this gives me the ability to say something like ‘This book contains depictions of ableism, racism, other miscellaneous bigotry, gratuitous gendered violence, blatant ethnic or cultural appropriation, perpetuation of negative stereotypes, or other gross things that I did not like; and whether the book itself is any good or not, and whether I liked the book overall or not, and whether it is clear that it is narrative voice rather than authorial voice, in this case I do not wish to have my name attached to it.’  

However, if you and your editor do feel that I might be a good choice to do a blurb, you can contact me using the contact form on this site and I will at the very least get back to you with a yes/no and a projected timeline.

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