Reading Now

This page is for keeping track of whatever I’m reading just at the moment…thoughts or reviews may be posted on the main blog page! Update: have given up putting up links because is too much of a pain in the ass. Or I read too much. May go back in later and put them in. Also may start deleting older books because WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. I read too much, no wonder I don’t write enough.

On The Go Right Now

His Dark Materials trilogy – Philip Pullman (I cannot BELIEVE I didn’t read these when I was younger, I’m so disappointed I missed out)

The Age of Miracles – Karen Thompson Walker

The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco (unless otherwise stated, I am always reading this book)

Clara and Miles Act Up – Michael H. Kelly (actually I am not, I lost the book, DON’T TELL HIM, HE’S A FRIEND AND SENT ME A SIGNED COPY, if you’re reading this Michael, I’m sorry, ilu, I WILL FIND IT)

Wild Seed – Octavia Butler (link goes to Seed to Harvest series, which I also want to finish this year)


Recently Finished

The Fireman – Joe Hill

Embassytown – China Mieville

The Night Watch – Sergei Lukyanenko

Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur

Wicked Bugs – Amy Stewart

Looking for Jake – China Mieville

Child of God – Cormac McCarthy

Numero Zero – Umberto Eco

Venomous – Christie Wilcox

Invisible Planets – edited by Ken Liu

The Three-Body Problem series – Cixin Liu

Tigerman – Nick Harkaway

Coldbrook – Tim Lebbon

Ninefox Gambit – Yoon Ha Lee

Invasive – Chuck Wendig

Wild Seed – Octavia Butler

Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

The Hammer of God – Arthur C. Clarke

Seveneves – Neal Stephenson

The Curse of Chalion – Lois McMaster Bujold

Moby Dick – Herman Melville

A Tale for the Time Being – Ruth Ozeki

The Last Days of New Paris – China Mieville

Night of the Animals – Bill Broun

Zone One – Colson Whitehead

Sorcerer to the Crown – Zen Cho

The Orenda – Joseph Boyden

The Hellbound Heart – Clive Barker

The White Plague – Frank Herbert

Ebola – David Quammen

Three Moments of an Explosion – China Mieville

Tigana – Guy Gavriel Kay

The Dinosaur Lords – Victor Milan

Grasshopper Jungle – Andrew Smith

Absalom, Absalom! – William Faulkner

Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

Gulp – Mary Roach

A Wizard of Earthsea – Ursula K. LeGuin

Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel

We Have Always Lived In The Castle – Shirley Jackson

A Borrowed Man – Gene Wolfe

Barsk – Lawrence M. Schoen

The Ballad of Black Tom – Victor LaValle

The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller

The Rats trilogy – James Herbert

The Inverted World – Christopher Priest

Who Fears Death – Nnedi Okorafor

The Way Station – Clifford D. Simak

Haunted – Chuck Palahniuk

Lullaby – Chuck Palahniuk

Acceptance – Jeff VanderMeer

The City and the City – China Mieville

The Mists of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley

Sandman Slim – Richard Kadrey

Iron Council – China Mieville

The Scar – China Mieville

Momo – Michael Ende

The Scar – China Mieville

Perdido Street Station – China Mieville

Barrayar – Lois McMaster Bujold

Bird Box – Josh Malerman

Shards of Honour – Lois McMaster Bujold (I’m trying to read the Vorkosigan Saga this year)

Wolves Eat Dogs – Martin Cruz Smith

Sunburst – Phyllis Gotlieb

Authority – Jeff VanderMeer

Riddley Walker – Russell Hoban

The Fifth Season – N.K. Jemisin

Packing for Mars – Mary Roach

Strange New Worlds – Ray Jayawardhana

On The Beach – Nevil Shute

Annihilation – Jeff VanderMeer

The Green Book – Jill Paton Walsh

The Club Dumas – Arturo Perez-Reverte

MaddAddam – Margaret Atwood

The Girl With All The Gifts – M.R. Carey